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November 12th-18th

To kick off our 5th year of business, we are celebrating with our Seven Chakra health incentive event beginning TODAY and continuing through next Wednesday!

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Overview: The 7th Chakra is the crown chakra, the center for trust, devotion, inspiration, happiness, and positivity. It's also the center for deeper connection with ourselves and deeper connection with a force of life that is greater than ourselves. For this reason, it can be quite useful to have tools to open the crown chakra. The Seventh Chakra is often pictured as a lotus flower opening to allow spiritual awakening in an individual. The crown chakra could also be considered the well intuitive knowing is drawn from.

Power Food: Blossoming Flowering Lotus Teas, along will all teas, have many health benefits. Depending on the type of tea, each has curative properties that aid in inflammation, slake thirst, clear throat, relieve the damage to the gastric mucosa, remove heat, eliminate toxins and beautify skin.

Menu: Found daily at the cafe as our popular "Communi-TEA Pot" for 1 or 2 persons. Ideal on a chilly autumn evening - Fit for a King or Queen !

samgha flower tea.jpg

Overview: The sixth chakra, Ajna, is in the area of the third eye, which is found in the space between the eyebrows. It encompasses the pituitary gland, eyes, head, and lower part of the brain. An invisible yet powerful third eye, this is your center of intuition. A spiritual chakra, which means “beyond wisdom,” Ajna leads you to an inner knowledge that will guide you if you let it. An open sixth chakra can enable clairvoyance, telepathy, lucid dreaming, expanded imagination, and visualization. Indigo also called Royal Blue is the third eye chakra color. It is a color of wisdom and deep inner knowing.


Power Food: Purple Cabbage is a good source of vitamin C and vitamin K. Vitamin C helps the body develop resistance against infectious agents and scavenging, harmful, pro-inflammatory free radicals. Enough vitamin K in the diet makes your bone stronger, healthier and delays osteoporosis


Menu: Crisp and crunchy, you can find purple cabbage regularly in Samgha's garden salad or seasonal slaw!

samgha cabbage.jpg

Overview: The fifth chakra is the first of the higher or spiritual chakras on the "chakra ladder". This chakra is located in the region of neck and shoulders and throat. The gift of this chakra is accepting your originality, expressing your authentic voice and speaking your truth. The blue energy of this chakra allows you to seek knowledge that is true, beyond limitations of time and space, beyond cultural and family conditioning. 

Power Food: Blueberries are packed with Iron and zinc, both of which play crucial roles in maintaining the strength and elasticity of bones and joints. Blueberries also are naturally free of sodium and contain potassium, calcium, and magnesium, all of which have been found to decrease blood pressure naturally. With one cup containing 3.6 grams of fiber, blueberries can help lower blood glucose levels and improve blood sugar, lipid and insulin levels in type 2 diabetics. 

Menu: If you haven't already, discover organic blueberries baked in Samgha Cafe's variety of Gluten-free and Dairy-free volcano cakes, muffins and assorted baked goods!

samgha blueberries.jpg

Overview: The Anahata chakra, also referred to as the Heart Chakra, is located at the center of the chest and includes the heart, cardiac plexus, thymus gland, lungs, and breasts. It also rules the lymphatic system. The fourth chakra is at the center of the seven chakras with three below and three above. This is the area where physical and spiritual meet and as such, it is associated with love and compassion, charity to others and psychic healing.

Power Food: Lettuce’s vitamin C and beta-carotene work together to prevent the oxidation of cholesterol, which helps prevents the build up of plaque in arteries. Romaine lettuce has a 2:1 ratio of omega-3 to omega-6. That’s a great ratio, especially since these fatty acids help prevent cardiac arrest! It's good to note that Romaine lettuce’s calories are 20 percent protein making it ideal for lower-carb diets.

Menu: As everyone who has visited our cafe, lettuce is a mainstay! You will always find a variety of local organic greens prepared in a variety of ways for salads to smoothies!

samgha romaine.jpg

Overview: The third chakra, Manipura, means “lustrous gem.” Located at the navel, spanning the are of the solar plexus and breastbone, it is a source of personal power which governs self-esteem, warrior energy, and the power of transformation. Since the color of this chakra is yellow or gold, any gem corresponding to these colors will help to open the solar plexus area and bring energy to the spleen, liver, pancreas, and stomach.

Power Food: Bananas help overcome depression due to high levels of tryptophan that is converted into serotonin, the happy-mood brain neurotransmitter. Eating 1-2 bananas before a strenuous workout will increase your energy and sustain your blood sugar. For rejuvenation, eating a banana will protect against muscle cramps post-workouts and even nighttime leg cramps!

Menu: Packed with Potassium you will often find these creamy fruits at the cafe in our smoothies and milkshakes!

samgha banana chakra 3.png

Overview: The Sacral Chakra is your passion and pleasure centre located in the pelvic area. While the Root Chakra is satisfied with survival, the 2nd chakra seeks pleasure and enjoyment. The Sacral Chakra is the centre of feeling, emotion, pleasure, sensuality, intimacy, and connection. The gift of this chakra is experiencing our lives through feelings and sensations. By improving the energy of this chakra, you're able to let go, move, and feel more freely. It allows you to 'live in the moment,' appreciating each day in its own fullness. 

Power Food: Oranges boost your immune system and improve your skin; they also aid in improving heart health, cholesterol levels and other issues. Oranges additionally help reduce the risk of respiratory diseases, certain cancers, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcers and kidney stones. 

Menu: Packed with Vitamin C you will find these delightful fruits almost every day at the cafe at our Juice bar or infused on a bed of greens!

Samgha Sacral.jpeg

Overview: The first of the seven energy centers is the Root Chakra (or Muladhara). Represented by the color red, the Root Chakra the most dense of them all. Located at the base of the spine, the pelvic floor, and the first three vertebrae, the Root Chakra is responsible for your sense of safety and security on this earthly journey. The word Muladhara breaks down into two Sanskrit words: Mula meaning “root” and Adhara, which means “support” or “base". 

Power Food: Beets are an ancient, prehistoric food that grew naturally along coastlines in North Africa, Asia, and Europe. Beets are high in immune-boosting Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Fiber, Potassium (essential for healthy nerve and muscle function), and Manganese (good for your bones, liver, kidneys, and pancreas).

Menu: On any day, the Samgha Cafe & Tea Garden offers delicious, very red "Beet Juice" or you may find a portion of "Roasted Beet Salad" served on bed of organic greens.