Plant-Based Never Tasted So Good.

"You gotta eat it to believe it"

With the addition of our Tea Garden and Cafe we are excited to share with our community clean eating habits that are completely plant based! We strive to serve dishes that are mostly organic and free of GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

We invite any skeptics with open minds to take a walk on the greener side of eating. We promise not to disappoint! 


We're Utilizing a Popular Method of "Counter Service" with a Focus on Community Dining.

Not a lot changes upfront:

  1. Place your meal or beverage order at the counter located directly under the menu boards.
  2. Once prepared, food & beverages are ready to be picked up at the counter.
  3. Enjoy your treats outdoors in the Tea Garden or simply at one of the indoor counters, some with tranquil views of the outdoor water fountain.
  4. After completing your dining experience with us, whether inside or out, please place any cups and plates in one of our "baskets." 

This simple method of Community Dining reflects the respectfulness of all who visit our space and allows our staff to wait on hungry customers! We hope you will enjoy these finer aspects and invite your friends and family!