Samgha Simply Means a Community of People Working Together for a Good Cause.

Healthy Eating, Mindful Living, and Happiness.

Our yoga school, Samgha Inc, was established on 11.11.11 in Chicago's Lakeview community at 2961 N. Lincoln Avenue and is still the foundation of our business. Samgha is a Jivamukti Affiliated Center & Yoga Alliance School offering workshops, classes and 200hr teacher trainings for those who may choose teaching yoga as a career.


We Fuse Different Techniques and Modern Approaches with Traditional Yoga Classes.



Our 90 minute Jivamukti Open class is a vigorously physical and intellectually stimulating practice for all levels. Each class focuses on a theme, which is supported by teachings from ancient and modern yogic texts, chanting, eclectic music, breathing practices, hands-on assistance, relaxation, meditation, and an always-changing, constantly flowing sequence of postures that includes challenging variations for experienced students. Jivamukti Yoga integrates the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of ancient yoga practices into modern life.

Pure Vinyasa

Our Pure Vinyasa class is taught with individual instruction in mind. It includes posture variations and modifications applied in a group setting so that everyone of any level or age may benefit. Expect forward bends, back bends, deep twisting , hip openers, balancing,and inversions. Expect to be challenged and explore beyond the body including an easy to follow restorative rest at the end.


Asthanga is a method which turns static yoga postures into a dynamic flow. The length of one inhale or one exhale dictates the length of time spent transitioning between postures. Poses are then held for a predefined number of breaths. In effect, attention is placed on the breath and the journey between the postures rather than solely on achieving perfect body alignment in a pose.


This one hour restorative class set to soothing music brings relaxation and balance to the body and mind in our inviting candlelight studio with subtle natural light. Bolsters,blocks, belts, and blankets are used to support the body bringing about gentle release of the shoulders, hips, and spine. Truly blissful way to liberate body and soul.